Alright, by now we have all heard about what happened in Boston during the marathon.  I rarely speak up about things, but this hits a little close to home.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the tragedy.  These families are going through things that very few people can understand, and the service men and women are working around the clock to figure out what exactly happened.  So I would like to say a few things to all involved.  First of all, thank you to everyone out there working to protect us and find out what happened, and secondly have a rapid recovery to all injured in this tragedy.  

     These people are trying to rob us and everyone of something we love.  The victims were all people just like us, out trying to live a healthier and happier life than the average person.  These people are/were exceptional runners and athletes; running the Boston marathon is no easy task.  They were all out doing what they love, just like we do every day, and they were brutally victimized.  The people that are responsible for this are trying to strike fear in the masses and take our freedoms by robbing us of doing things we love.  So tomorrow when you are doing the things you do to get better, keep that in mind.  Do your workout whatever or where ever it is, in honor of the victims, and in spite of the people that did this.  

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