Saturday, March 23, 2013

Team Wod:

3 Rounds:


Max Reps In 2 Minutes at each Station:

KB Swings #55/35



Push Press

The time must be split between members of each team.  Only a set amount of people can be working at one time from each team.  If you break during the movement you are finished for that round.  If you come off the bar during pullups your turn is over, if you sit the KB down during swings or come below the front rack on your push press your turn is over.


Also, we will be finalizing the judging on 13.3 after class from 10-12 tomorrow since we will not be available on to be open on Sunday this week.  Hope to see everyone either at class or from 10-12 the get their wall ball on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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