Saturday, March 30, 2013

Team WOD:
Burpee Pull Ups
Box Jumps/Step Ups
Front Squats 115/55
Russian Twist (plates)
Weighted Gassers (ball)
Each team has 23 Minutes to setup their stations. Complete as much of the workout as possible and put their stations up. If your station is not put up when time runs out you are penalized as a team.
Only two people per team may be at each stations, you can switch stations at anytime, but you must stay at a station for a minimum of one minute. All teammates are working at the same time.
Once I explain the details you will have a few minutes to gameplan with your team…
Each teams station will have:
2 Pull Up Stations
2 Boxes
2 Bars 45/35
1x20lb Ball
1x10lb Ball
Utilize your equipment efficiently


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